Why should I consider PRP?

Why consider it?

Conventional medical therapies can help maintain reasonable skin and tissue health, but often times lack in their regenerative benefits.  By combining PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy with existing modern medical and natural therapies we can help you optimize cellular health and further prevent age related decline.  For example the "Vampire Facelift" for women and men combines the benefits of facial volume enhancement with Juvederm along with regenerative PRP.  This synergy provides the optimal anti-aging benefits and may reduce the need for more costly procedures downstream.


Women have had impressive results from our "O-Shot" which may improve sexual response and reduce stress urinary incontinence.  Many have not needed medications or surgery for incontinence following this procedure.


For men, the Priapus shot can be used to help reduce a man's need for Viagra, and possibly allow him avoid this costly medication entirely. 


Many physicians will say, aging is a normal part of life, just live with it.  True, but you can slow the process and prevent many age related declines by being pro-active.  Would you say the same of your house and not paint it, or replace the roof, simply letting nature take its course? You should treat yourself better than your house or car!


Where does PRP come from?

Platelet rich plasma is derived from your own blood.  A vial of blood is drawn and spun down using a high tech centrifuge (Magellan) to separate and isolate plasma that is rich in platelets and growth factors. This centrifuge is able to obtain the highest concentration of PRP and growth factors compared to cheaper devices often used at other centers. (See pic below)

The seven growth factors are isolated in the PRP processing including vascular endothelial growth factor. (VEGF) This is injected with a small needle in regions of the body that can stimulate the production of new cells, repair damaged cells, and extend the life of existing cells to regenerate the locally treated tissue.  

PRP has been used extensively in orthopedics for treatment of cartilagenous injuries and tendon injuries, and by dentists to help with treatment of gum disease. Unfortunately many mainstream physicians may not be familiar with PRP, but a simple search in Pubmed will show that this is a well researched and applied therapy.


What areas should I treat?

Dr. Grover and Danny Craig LPN will help you assess areas that may benefit from treatment in the initial consultation.  This could be simply regenerating facial tissue, or can be expanded in to treatment of vaginal or breast region for women, and penis for men.  A true head to toe approach!


Fred Grover Jr. M.D. with Magellan PRP centrifuge


Book a short 30 minute consultation to discuss PRP and the goals you desire. Current promotion: Book a consultation for $50, and get $100 off the cost of procedure. Call us at our RevolutionaryMD center location in Cherry Creek at 303-355-2385 or book an appointment online below.  For initial consult book the 30 minute PRP consult, for treatment, book 90 minute PRP treatment appointment.  Thank you!

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