"Experience the benefits of "O" shot PRP


This is a very popular procedure due to it's multitude of benefits.  In addition to a major enhancement in orgasm potential, the O-shot has been very helpful in treating most cases of stress urinary incontinence. The area is numbed up well with cream, and small amount of lidocaine is injected.  Very small needles are used, keeping discomfort to a minimum.  The clitoral shaft and an area of the vaginal wall just in front of the G-spot are injected with PRP to regenerate the tissue.  Cost: $1200


Improve relationships with the "O"shot PRP!

PRP Breast Lift
The procedure is used to enhance cleavage and fullness by injecting the breast with rejuvenating PRP. Numbing cream is applied to make the procedure comfortable and small amounts of PRP are injected in a few regions on each breast. See the video below which describes the procedure in detail. Cost: $1800

Breast PRP Lift
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