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Regenerative PRP is located at the RevolutionaryMD office in Cherry Creek (Denver) and directed by Fred Grover Jr. M.D.


Please call our office at 303-355-2385 to book a consultation or to simply go ahead and do the procedure. We can do a phone or Skype consult to discuss the procedure if preferred over office visit . Danny Craig will provide the initial consult to answer questions and design a personalized approach to meet your needs. Dr. Grover will perform the procedure with Danny Craig assisting.

Dr. Grover is a certified provider of PRP therapies including the Vampire Facelift, Breast Lift, O-shot, Priapus shot, and Hair Restoration. He was taught by the inventor of these therapies, Dr. Charles Runels.  His long term expertise in injectable and laser aesthetic skin care, hormone balancing, regenerative medicine and a foundation in family medicine differentiate him from other providers offering this care.  He has been practicing medicine in Denver for over 20 years and is board certified in Family Medicine (FAAFP), Anti-aging-Regenerative medicine (ABAARM) and Integrative Medicine(ABIHM), giving him depth and breadth of experience. Platelet rich plasma therapy is a key element of his regenerative medicine practice at RevolutionaryMD. Many patients come simply for PRP and skin care services, but others seek out his additional medical services to balance hormones and address functional imbalances. You can visit his medical site RevolutionaryMD to learn about his Advanced Wellness Program and other services. Members of the Advanced Wellness Program recieve discounts on PRP and skin care services.


Danny Craig

Danny Craig LPN  assists Dr. Grover with all procedures and helps counsel patients on the various therapies offerred at our center. She has been a certified aesthetician since 1996 and received her LPN (Licensed Practial Nurse) degree in 2013.

Danny specializes in results oriented skin care that may include conditions such as normal aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, scaring, and sun damage.  Like Dr. Grover she is an experienced injector and has extensive experience in laser therapies. 


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