"Vampire Facelift"

Reveal a more youthful face with the Vampire Facelift!

"Vampire Facelift"treatment


The facial region is comprehensively assessed with the patient.  Juvederm is injected in target regions of facial volume loss, typically in the upper cheeks, and the nasolabial folds (lines between the nose and lips).  This is followed by the rejuvenating injection of PRP in multiple regions of the face.

The areas treated with Juvederm are injected with PRP providing a synergistic effect of volume and regeneration. This is all done with a very small needle, after using numbing cream for 15 minutes or longer prior to proceeding.  Cost: $1750


"Vampire Facial"


This is another great therapy which can be done at the same time as an add-on to the "vampire facelift" procedure, providing an extra anti-aging boost to the treatment.

The rejuvapen microneedling device is used to treat the entire face, further enhancing facial collagen reducing fine lines and pigmentation. PRP is applied immediately after to amplify collagen production and skin rejuvenation.  Cost: $600 (1/2 off if done with facelift treatment)

Rejuvapen Microneedling


This is an amazing therapy and is the same is the vampire facial, just without the PRP.  This is a great option if you desire a more affordable option of facial rejuvenation, or want to start simple.  Typically 3 treatments are recommended spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  

Learn about Rejuvapen.The face is numbed for 15 minutes prior to procedure, followed by application of a gel and then a circular overlapping pattern of microneedling.  Mild redness is noted afterwards, and Skin Medica TNS Recovery Serum is applied following procedure to enhance collagen production.  Cost: $300


Additional Regenerative and Anti-Aging Skin Care Therapies available!


Kybella, Botox, Juvederm and Voluma 

Kybella for chin fat


This can be done during the same visit if desired.  The double chin that many of us develop later in life can be easily treated with Kybella.  The compound will break down the fat under the chin and within a couple months provide an impressive improvement.  Typically 1-2 vials are needed and most respond with 1-2 treatments.  Each vial is $590, so treatment cost will usually range from $590 to $1180.
Topical numbing cream is applied for 20 min followed by making lots of tiny injections into the fat tissue. Cramping is common immediately after, but then only mild discomfort is noted for a few days.  The area is mildly swollen for a few weeks, then subsides as the fat is desolved and the skin contracts with it. Below are a few before and after pictures.
Learn more about Kybella.

Botox to reduce your frown lines


Dr. Grover performs botox treatments for many of his patients. He is an experienced injector and has been using Botox since 2005. Botox is typically not done the day of a Vampire Facelift, but can be done a few weeks before or after, or simply by itself.  Frown lines can be significantly reduced, along with forehead lines.  The treatment has minimal discomfort and lasts for 3 months typically.

Botox by Allergan is priced at $15/unit, but discounted for patients coming in for additional services.

Learn more about Botox.


Juvederm & Voluma for softening of facial lines and restoring youthful cheek volume


Fillers such as Juvederm and Voluma provide an excellent way to take years off your face by restoring lost volume due to aging, in the nasolabial fold regions, cheeks, marrionette lines and other regions. Results are instantaneous!  These typically last a year or longer, and additional treatments to provide more volume can be done as soon as 3 wks after the initial one.  Dr. Grover skillfully provides his patients with a natural look that will get you the response of "you look younger" rather than the unnatural over-enhanced look often seen.  Pricing for fillers is very reasonable.  Please call to inquire. This can be done on same day as Vampire facelift and/or facial.  Learn more about Juvederm.



Fractional Laser and Intense Pulse Light Therapies


Fractional laser

A great treatment of fine lines, pigment and skin texture.  This non-ablative Emerge Laser by Palomar laser takes only 30 minutes and there is no down time.  Numbing cream is applied for 20 min prior, followed my non-painful procedure.  Mild sunburn appearance is noted afterwards, followed by very light peeling a week later.  Collagen production is markedly enhanced in the following weeks after therapy. Cost: $325


Intense Pulse Light Therapy

This is another amazing treatment that can clear up unwanted facial, chest, hand pigment and reduce unwanted facial redness too.  Age spots can be effectively treated in this 30 minute procedure.  Most will respond well to a single treatment, but others may need 2-3 if excessive pigmentation or redness needs to be treated. Cost: $350



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