Priapus Shot

Experience the benefits of the Priapus shot!

Priapus shot

A very popular procedure for men!  This PRP enhancement can help reduce erectile dysfunction, improve sensitivity, and many men see an increase in length and width of penis. The area is numbed up well, followed by injecting the penis along the shaft in strategic locations using a very small needle. Discomfort is minimal.  A penis pump is used immediately after treatment to distribute the PRP, and is encouraged to be used on a regular basis at home to optimize outcomes.  2-3 treatments may be needed for optimal outcomes and need to be spaced at least 6 wks apart.  Cost: $1825, 10% off on additional treatments.



To optimize benefits of PRP, add in our P-wave therapy! Extracorporeal Shock wave therapy/ESWT for ED or simply improved sensation

  • A new sexual therapy aimed at improving blood flow and sensation to the penis.
  • This extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESTW) can be used as a stand alone or in combination with the priapus shot for optimal outcomes.
  • Well researched to give resolution of ED in 70% or more of those undergoing treatment.
  • Can be used preventatively or to improve sensation.
  • Safe, Six short treatments of 20 minutes, typically once weekly, minimal discomfort with the use of numbing cream.
  • Much more affordable at our center than via much higher priced Gainswave provider locations. Feel free to compare our pricing below to others. Ours are performed by Dr. G and not an assistant.
  • We use the Storz-D Actor device, that has proven efficacy and track record in US, internationally and with Gainswave.


Pricing for P-Wave

P- Wave Treatment Packages


6 Treatments package (Save $450 compared to doing as single treatment)


6 treatments + Priapus shot (PRP)( PRP is done minutes after 6th treatment)  PRP Priapus shot is discounted from $1875 to $1250, saving you $675


Single Medical Wave Treatment



*Treatments for P-wave should be scheduled 1-2 per week apart and 6 treatments recommended for optimal results.  Maintenance via repeat single or multiple treatments can be done a year later if needed.



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